Lake Pavilion: brothers Grimm landscapes?

The film of the “Lake Pavilion” from the architects DepA, created by Building Pictures, reveals the magical side of the project, and made us think that we enter in one of brothers Grimm Landscapes.

Although this landscapes are not from Germany, they are Portuguese. The project was localized, at the lake from Serralves Park, between July of 2017 and May of 2018, and was made for the exhibition “Live Uncertainty: an exhibition after the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo”.

The magical side of the film is given by the mirrored materiality of the pavilion, which eliminates the barrier between architecture and nature. We found out that it is not perceptible where nature and pavilion begins or ends. The temporary building often seems to thin in the water and camouflage itself through the foliage.

This is evident for the visitors, for the spectators and at the same time for the ducks that live inside the lake. For instance at the end of the film, the duck get confuse with his one reflection.

The spectator is invited throughout the film to get close to the pavilion, till it enters inside, where can be seen an excerpt from the film: “O Peixe” from Jonathas de Andrade, and again gets out of the building, making a circular route around the space, allowing people to see all the facades of this polyhedral building.

This Project won recently the FAD prize, in the category of ephemeral interventions.


Direction & Production: Building Pictures (
Photo Direction: Building Pictures
Post-production: Building Pictures
Audio: Ana Pedro - Zumbido Studio
Music: True Nature
2018 | 45” | 16:9