TIME: Rehabilitation of Quinta do Bom Pastor

Tic, Tac, Tic, Tac…

“They say time doesn’t go back… But what if? What if time does go back?”

The video “TIME: Rehabilitation of Quinta do Bom Pastor” from Building Pictures about the project of the Architect Nuno Valentim, invite us to watch the rehabilitation process of Quinta do Bom Pastor, nowadays the headquarters of the Episcopal Conference of Portugal.

The story of the video starts with the building already rehabilitated. Then we are surprised with the question “What if times does go back?” and the video keeps telling the story by going against the old Portuguese saying (“Time doesn’t go back”), inviting the audience for traveling in time over the construction process until the moment where the building was in ruins. In the end, the train passing by bring us back again to the present and lead us to the more images of the building at its present moment.

The video tells us also the history of a farm with different times, that exists since the 17th century and it is now the Portuguese Episcopal Conference Headquarters. It is constituted by several National and Pastoral Secretariats as well as the Agência ECCLESIA (Agência de Informação da Igreja Católica em Portugal) and Fundação Fé.

The farm is surrounded by a great orange wall that has a set of different spaces: the main building, two courtyards, a garden, a press and community gardens. It is necessary to highlight the fact that there is a Chapel at the community gardens that was in previous times a Hall of mirrors, that still keeps the same fresco painting ceiling with rural themes.

In the end of the video, we can hear again the clock hands, which symbolizes the continuity of the life of the building.


Direction & Production: Building Pictures (buildingpictures.pt)
Camera: Sara Nunes
Post-production: Sara Nunes
Soundtrack: Bruno Ferreira
Voice-over: Inês Henriques

2018 | 3' 00” | 16:9